Camera-controlled machines

HAK i-Series hoeing machine; intelligent hoeing with plant recognition

The i-Series hoeing machine hoees exactly where you want it: in all places where no crop grows. High-resolution cameras scan the surface and the intelligent software can even recognize individual plants at the germination stage. The system works so accurately that the machine can hoe around seed potatoes and planting material down to the millimeter. So not just between the rows, but actually between the plants in the row.

Fully electric drive
The rotating hoes are powered by strong electric motors. The machine works completely electrically and is operated with a touchscreen. The hoe movement can be adjusted as required: work very precisely and hoe very close to the crop at a low forward speed. But it is also possible to work at a higher speed. The hoe blade then turns with a continuous movement and works less close to the crop.

Easily adjustable row width
The rotating hoeing blades are attached to newly developed parallelograms. What is special is that the parallelograms not only work up and down, but they can also move sideways to adjust the row width. This makes the machine multifunctional.

Hak S-series with camera and sideshift

The hoeing machines from the successful HAK S series can also be equipped with camera technology. A high-resolution camera looks at the 3 to 5 rows of crop, smart software analyzes the image and controls the sideshift in the hitch of the tractor. This makes it possible to hoe up to 1 cm along the crop, which in many cases works more accurately than GPS. Ask about the possibilities!