The Farmdroid FD20 is a light robot tool carrier that makes little noise and works completely CO2 neutral. That makes the Farmdroid the ideal workhorse for organic livestock farmers and arable farmers.

The Farmdroid FD20 can work autonomously in the field 24 hours a day. Four large solar panels together provide 1 kWh of electricity that is stored in a 2.4 kWh battery pack. And advanced GPS technology enables extremely accurate work. The Farmdroid is equipped with seeding elements for sowing beets, so the machine knows exactly where the seeds are, and therefore also the beet plants.

By turning the seeding elements 180 °, the hoeing elements immediately appear. Weeds can therefore start before the beet plants have emerged. This provides enormous benefits in the final yield. An important advantage is that the machine works completely autonomously without any supervision or intervention is required. It does important work silently and unnoticed, saving a huge amount of money. After all, spraying against weeds is no longer necessary. In addition, the machine uses no fuel and does not emit CO2. Finally, the weight of <700 kg is so low that the soil structure remains completely intact.