HAK LTC1 tool carrier

The HAK LTC1 tool carrier has been specially developed for small-scale arable and horticultural businesses. The modular tool carrier is especially suitable for mechanical weed control in row and bed cultivation. HAK has the entry-level model very competitively priced, but offers demanding growers many options that make the tool carrier even more multifunctional and profitable.

Ergonomics standard

Due to the sloping frame, the user has an optimal view of the hoeing. When he is sitting on the suspended seat, the viewing height of the user is exactly as if he is walking across the country. A 11.7 hp Honda petrol engine with manual start ensures the hydraulic drive of the rear wheels. The fixed track width of 150 cm and wheelbase of 185 cm contribute to quiet and stable driving behavior. The steering is hydraulic and the turning circle is so small that the machine can turn effortlessly on every headland. The ground clearance is 460 mm. The tire size is for 5.00-10 (Ø 500) and behind 6.00-12 (Ø 600).

Extended option package

In the standard version, the LTC1 tool carrier forms a perfect combination with HAK hoeing machines from the L and S series. In addition, many options are available that increase work comfort and comfort. There is an electrical package, consisting of an electric starter, starter battery, alternator and two work lights. The machine is also available with adjustable track width, a roll bar, an additional hydraulic valve, additional lifting device in front or rear mounting, track wiper set with lifting device, front weight and a fixed or foldable harvesting rack. By default, the LTC1 is yellow in color, but it is available in any desired company color.


Hoeing is customization. As a hoeing specialist, HAK therefore offers an overwhelming range of frame parts and tools, with which the LTC tool carrier can be used for any kind of mechanical weed control. For example, crust crushers, earthing attachments, torsion sensors, finger cutters, rows of hedges, haulm protectors, support wheels, hoes, bearers and disks are available in countless sizes.

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