About Hak

HAK: About
HAK offers the right solution for all your mechanical weeding. When you can not find the information you are looking for on this website, please contact us. Phone: 079-5931307 / Fax: 079-5931164 / Email: info@HAKnl.com.

HAK: Who?
HAK develops, produces and distributes a wide range of hoeing machines for all flat field and ridge cultivation.

HAK: What?
HAK translates its passion for hoeing in user-friendly hoeing machines of high quality design and material. In consultation with HAK’s clientele wishes, high production standards are used in order to be able to hoe accurately and reduce weeding costs.

HAK: How?
HAK visit its customers regularly in order to ensure customer satisfaction and to discuss possible improvements or innovations. Many of HAK’s past innovation and product adjustments couldn’t have been done without the help of its clientele. Furthermore, internally HAK is always looking for improvements. For example the improvement of product processes, focusing on team building or how HAK’s business activities could contribute to local, national and global challenges of today’s society.

HAK thinks durable
HAK considers durability not as a trend. This family business, founded in 1917, has always taken its role in society serious. A good example of HAK’s durable attitude is its policy on its commodities. HAK aims at a maximal economical usage of its commodities by planning and regenerate what is possible, without interfering with its high quality product assurance.

HAK & Quality
HAK hoeing machines are produced with the highest care possible and will not be distributed without a firm check. HAK uses solely the best raw materials for its products.

HAK advice
Because of years and years of experience in the field of hoeing machinery, HAK is able to provide at all times a customized advice.

HAK says thanks
HAK hereby thanks its customers for their trust, tips and inspiration. Without our clientele, there would be no HAK. The result of this interaction is the perfect hoeing machine with high accuracy.

HAK Hoeing Technique since 1917

HAK is a registered brand of K.A. Havelaar & Zn, Moerkapelle.