HAK L-series

HAK L-series hoeing machines for horticulture and tree nurseries HAK produces tailor-made hoeing machinery for horticulture and tree nurseries. HAK hoeing machinery is specially designed for mechanical weeding of ridge cultivation.

HAK offers the right tools for the right job. Therefore HAK developed several standardized mechanisms on which parallel linkages can be attached. For example, the grip frame for an one-wheeled tractor, on which several types of hoes can be placed. HAK offers tailor-made solutions for your mechanical weeding.


The HAK L-series hoeing machine is available in the following sizes (widths): 120 – 150 – 175 and 220 centimetre (=47.2 – 59.1 – 68.9 – 86.6 inch). The frame consists out of hollow steel beams of 50×50 mm, which are attached by hinge-construction to a two-wheeled Honda FS560 tractor.

HAK also offers extended versions of the L-series, for larger fields. Therefore, HAK developed a hoeing machine with lift-, seat- and wheel-set. Several parallel linkages can be attached to a grip frame. HAK offers a wide range of standard products. Depending on the end-user’s desires, the hoeing results could be increased.

For two-wheeled tractors, HAK offers grip frames on which hoes, row harrows and support wheels can be attached. The manual hoe, which HAK offers, has a wheel of Ø300 and is equipped with two grips and is suitable to use on a winch. The upper handle can be adjusted to set the desired height.

HAK L-series parallel linkages
The L-series parallel linkage is slim, light weighted, strong and easy to handle in the field. These features prevent crop damages.

HAK offers small nylon wheels for short distances and the standard farm flex wheel, which is broader and divides the pressure of the cultivation elements more equal over the field to be cultivated. The hinges are provided with bearing bushes, which results in a higher level of hoeing accuracy. The compact element can be easily assembled to the frame, without the need of any tool or equipment. The parallel linkage has got an attached grip for a shaft of 30 x 10 mm. In addition, HAK provides a height adjustable version for elevated equipment.