Ridge cultivation

Ridging scraper
The HAK ridging scraper can be installed behind a ridger or ridging disc and loosens the soil in the trench during ridge cultivation. This will prevent the trench from drying out.

The HAK ridgers can be used to set up potato ridges and for weed control. The ridging blades are easily adjustable in width by use of a single bolt. The blades are supplied with an easily replaceable sharpened end. HAK supplies ridgers in six different types and editions.

Ridging discs
The HAK ridging discs have two main functions. Firstly, they are suitable for setting up potato and chicory ridges. Secondly, when using the ridging disc in a set-up with the front hoe, the combination is conducive for weed control. The soil that is weeded out by the front hoe will be tossed back onto the ridge by means of the spinning- and weeding motion of the ridging disc. The distance of the soil toss can be determined by adjusting the plastic scraper, whilst also keeping the disc clean. The disc can be turned over in order to adjust the disc to the shape of the ridge.

HAK Leaf protector shield row cultivation
The new leaf protector shields for row cultivation both protect the crops, as well as scraping the top of the row clean of dirt. Additionally, it is possible to return soil to the row and cover weeds. The height can be easily set by means of a chain and can be adjusted exactly by twisting an eye screw. The width can be adjusted from 55 to 150 millimetres. The shields are made of stainless steel and the hinges are free of aberration. HAK also supplies leaf heavers for pushing aside larger crops without damaging them during the process.

Parallel linkage for ridging
The HAK parallel linkage ridger is directly mountable onto a frame of 80x80mm. This frame is supplied with a grip frame for a shaft of maximal 60x22mm. The eight sealed needle bearings enable the parallel linkage to function for many years without any problems. The (ground) pressure can be regulated by an adjustable spring.

Ridging support arm
The ridging support arm is directly mountable onto a frame of 100x100mm. The support arm is used to mount ridgers to a grip frame. The hinge construction enables the ridger to adjust itself to the right height. A support wheel can be mounted in front of the support arm and there is place for a ridger at the backside of the support arm. When the ridger finds resistance, the support arm will kink due to the hinge, which aims the ridger steeper into the ground until it find the right depth.

Ridging attachments
The HAK ridging attachment allows you to hoe and ridge at the same time. The ridging attachment is mounted onto the shaft of the hoe and is adjustable in depth and width. HAK offers a large range of versions and sizes.

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