Finger weeders

Finger Weeders
Finger weeders are often an undervalued part of a hoeing machine. Finger weeders ensure small, germinating weeds to be tossed out between the crops. The HAK finger weeders are easily adjustable and applicable to many crops. HAK offers different degrees of hardness and widths, depending on the strength of the crop and the hardness of the soil.  The finger weeder can be attached onto the hoeing beam by using the spring-loaded arm. This enables you to set the finger weeders pressure at the desired position, for example in case of loose surface.

Easily adjustable
The improved HAK finger weeder is build out of a spring-loaded fixing point, two bolts and an eye nut. Besides this, the finger weeder is equipped with a HAK assembly arm (1.2 m range), 1 T-shaped coupling piece, two extensions and one or two finger weeders attached to a shaft. The finger weeder is easily attachable to different kind of hoeing machines and the mechanism is designed to be user-friendly. There is a solution for every action the user wants to make. In this design, HAK included an one bolt solution to adjust height, width and to set spring pressure. The finger weeder is easily removable from the frame, by resetting two bolts. It is important to set the finger weeder in the right position and to align settings with the growth phase of the crop in order to prevent damages. At the right speed, the uprooted weed will be thrown out of the ridge.


Tilt adjustment
For an even better performance, HAK developed a tilt adjustment. This feature enables the user to aim the finger weeder steeper towards the ground or the other way around which enables the user to ridge up or down. Setting the finger weeder in the right position is easy to do and without the use of any tool.

Light weight
The HAK finger weeder is able to reduce its ground pressure by 50%. Because of an adjustable spring mechanism, a minimum pressure of 5 kg and maximal 15kg is possible. This feature enables the HAK finger weeder to be effective on every kind of soil.

Weed reduction
Research has shown a weed reduction of 60 per cent, by using finger weeders, is feasible. This percentage could be increased to 90 per cent by combining the finger weeder with a torsion weeder.

The finger weeder is available as a whole and in single weeders or single discs. The discs are available in different hardnesses.

HAK finger weeder strengths
-Good weeding
-40-60% weed reduction
-Easily adjustable
-High flexibility in construction and settings
-Excellent price/quality ratio

When using HAK torsion weeders, it is important to place the torsion weeder in front of the finger weeder. The torsion weeder is able to ridge up or down. By combining the finger weeder with a torsion weeder, a weed reduction of 90% is feasible.

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