HAK EX-serie

The HAK EX-series ridge hoeing machine is a versatile machine used for mechanical weed control of ridge cultivation. The durability and the relatively light weighted frame, makes the HAK EX-series very suitable for mechanical weeding. This HAK ridge cultivation mechanism is available in several widths. The HAK EX-series is easy to connect to a tractor. The open construction provides the user with more physical space to adjust the desired settings. The HAK EX-hoeing machine is successfully utilized for several types of cultivation, such as: potatoes, chicory, carrots, parsnip and salsify. The HAK-EX ridge cultivation machine is able to efficiently cultivate a large area in a relatively short time.

The HAK EX-series hoeing machine is available in different widths. The frame exists out of hollow steel beams (80×80 mm) of high quality steel. These beams are connected with battens, which can be placed at every desired distance from each other on the beams. The hinges are adjustable in order to flatten the machine. The usage of support wheels results in an improved level of stability. The height of the machine is easily adjustable by using a spindle.

The HAK EX-series is available in different versions based upon the desires of the end-user. The basic model can be extended with several features and attachments. HAK machinery are easily adjustable by using spindles, resulting in time reduction. Therefore, the hoeing machine is easily adjustable to (unexpected) weather conditions. The recently developed HAK EX-series is characterised by the slim design, which makes it easy to manoeuvre through the crops, decreasing crop damages to an absolute minimum. Because there is no parallel linkage mechanism used in this hoeing machine, a low level of maintenance is needed.   The HAK EX-series hoeing machine is suitable for a row distance of 75 centimetres. The machine is already successfully utilised for several types of cultivation, such as: potatoes, chicory, carrots, parsnip and salsify. The hoeing machine is fitted with front hoes, ridge attachments and ridge formers. This standard version can be expended with ploughing discs, hoes and leaf protectors.

Maintaining ridge quality
The front hoe cuts the weed out of the trench between the ridges. Subsequently, the ploughing disc weeds the upper part of the ridge, where after the ridging disc tosses soil back onto the ridge. At the end of this cycle, the hoe presses the soil back down into a neat ridge. Subsequently, hoes toss the trench in order to prevent the soil from drying out. The disc is fitted with scraping blades, which remain free from dirt and are adjustable in height in order to determine the distance of the soil toss. It is also possible to adjust the hoeing machine in order to top of the ridge with extra layer of earth in case of exposed roots. As a side effect, small weed will also be removed. Another feature is the possibility to scrape the top of the ridge clean. This tool is usable before the crop has reached the surface, as well in its growing stage. Furthermore, HAK offers leaf heavers which decreases hoeing time by lifting leafs up from below the ridge. A minimum of crop damages is ensured, even in an advanced growth stage.

Easy to use
By using special clamps, spindle adjustments, and setting options the time to set the hoeing machine will be reduced to a minimum. Most of HAK’s mechanical machinery can be reset without the use of any tool. HAK’s machinery is easy to handle, while its flexibility is maintained.

Light Weighted
Key point of HAK’s vision on its machinery is meeting up with the wishes of the end-user. Therefore HAK focusses on light weight machinery, without compromising on strength and stiffness.  Because of HAK’s backlash free spindle design, the light weight machine provides a better stability. This feature results in a higher performance and manoeuvrability.  HAK develops and produces its own products based upon its own experiences, as well as experiences of its clientele. HAK produces machinery for transport purposes, retaining walls, ridging tools, hoeing machines, hoe blades and many other (custom made) products. All products HAK develops are guaranteed of excellent quality. Besides this, HAK offers a comprehensive service afterwards in case of any questions, an end-user might have.

Leaf lifters
Leaf lifters on the front hoes pull the leaves of the potato plant from under the back, allowing you to hoe longer.

Leaf lifters are also mounted on the foliage protection shields. These are demountable, so you can continue to use the shields for the aforementioned applications.

On request available for row distances of 60, 50, etc. centimetres. The EX-hoeing machine is available in other sizes and widths. See table for performances and optional features.

Application: Ridges cultivation. The HAK machinery is applicable to heavy and very heavy soils, large surfaces and in particular for the use of carrots cultivation. 
Users: growers who cultivate 20-250 ha.
Row spacing: 75 cm. Crops: Chicory, carrot, carrots, potatoes, parsnip, salsify.
Speed rate: 5-10 km / h *

* Speed rate depends on crop- and field conditions and user experience. Maximum speed of the machine: + 50%

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