The RodWeeder was developed in Canada and is becoming quite popular in the Netherlands, after it has been positively tested by PPO’s researcher Piet Bleeker. The RodWeeder is a hexagonal shaft which is attached with bearings to a wear plate. This plate is mounted with a chain to a cultivator. The included welding plates will be welded to the cultivator.

A cultivator pulls the RodWeeder below the surface. Because of the six-angular axle design, the RodWeeder will rotate in order to move the weeds to the surface. Studies have shown that the mechanical RodWeeder achieved the best result in killing soil covering weeds, the effect of which is still visible even after one year.

Art. 93RW35
Working width: 3.1m

The standard delivery includes 1 hexagonal shaft of 310 cm long
5 fixing points.
1 fixing point consists of 1 bearing attached to a wear plate,
1 HR chain,
1 heavy-duty harp closure and 1 welding plate.

Additional bearings and a hydraulic drive are available as an option.

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