Other tools

Row fertilizer
Innovation is nowadays an important aspect of the agricultural sector. Because HAK tries to serve the organic farmer with innovating products, HAK offers row fertilizers. This way of fertilization is more efficient and productive. The HAK row fertilizer is made out of stainless steel and is designed in such a way that the container runs itself empty. Furthermore, HAK offers ridging machines, hoeing machines, potato retaining walls, transport machinery, hoeing blades and many other products.

Crust breaker
The crust breaker was developed in 1970 by HAK. From then on, the product has been further developed and improved. It is very important that your crop will surface regularly. When the surface becomes hard due to weather conditions, the hard soil will prevent the crops from surfacing, resulting in unequal growth. The crust breakers can be used to effortlessly break hard surfaces, caused by weather influences. This allows the crops to germinate properly, which is essential for crop growth. The working pressure is controlled by a spring and fully adjustable by means of a weight. The roll and the hinge are fitted with sealed bearings. The crust breaker is easily mountable to a beam of 60x60mm – 100x100mm.

Row Harrow
The HAK row harrow tosses the soil, after the weeds have been cut by your HAK hoe. The weed will rapidly dry out. Small germinating weed will also be reached, delaying the growth. It will also terminate weed on the ridge in an early stage of germination.  The HAK row harrow is supplied with teeth that are adjustable in width and the pressure can be adjusted by means of a weight. The row harrow is supplied in various editions and attachments, depending on the application and the row distance.

Row harrow with torsion weed teeth
HAK row harrows are also available with torsion weed teeth that are mainly used for light soil.

Leaf protector
The leaf protector can be attached to hoeing frames in various sizes. It prevents damage to the crops and prevents the soil from clogging up. The discs are fitted with double sealed bearings and are easily adjustable in width, obliquity, depth and length.


Row cultivator
The row cultivator loosens the soil between the rows, and therefore aerating the surface. This process encourages a steady and prospers growth of, for example, corn. It can also be used for obtaining loose soil in order to set up ridges. The width of the row cultivator can be adjusted to any setting and has replaceable teeth. HAK supplies various editions for various cultivation methods and row distances.

Tool grips
Tool grips are necessary for attaching hoeing equipment with a maximum handle size of 60 by 25 millimetres to a hoeing frame of 100 by 100 millimetres. HAK also supplies standard sized tool grips, generally used for self-built or self-edited products in sizes 30 x 10 millimetres, 50 x 12 millimetres and 50 x 20 millimetres.


Track erasers with track cleaners
The 1.75m grip frame behind the tractor can be supplied with two track erasers which toss the ground in the tractor’s tire-track and prevent the ground from drying out.   The track erasers are supplied with four exchangeable teeth. As an alternative, it is also possible to mount two parallel linkages.

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