HAK XHR-series

The HAK XHR-series ridges hoeing machine is a versatile machine used for mechanical weed control and ridging of cultivation ridges. The HAK hoeing frame is available in the following widths: 1.75 metres, 3 metres, 4.5 metres, 6 metres and 9 metres. The frame consists out of hollow beams of 100 by 100 millimetres of high-quality steel, which are interdependently connected. The hinges are adjustable in order to secure the machine is plain. The machine can be completed by adding elements from a wide variety of hoe- and ridging tools. The free space below the frame can get up to 70 centimetres, allowing the machine to be utilised for crops which have entered an advanced growth stadium. The HAK ridging hoeing machine is available for a variety of row distances and is successfully utilised for several types of cultivation, such as potato, chicory, carrot, flower and vegetable cultivation. The duo parallel linkage is usually fitted with front hoes, ridging discs and ploughing discs. The front hoe cuts the weed out of the trench between the ridges. Subsequently, the ploughing disc weeds the upper part of the ridge, where after the ridging disc tosses soil back onto the ridge. The disc is fitted with scraping blades, which remain free from dirt and are adjustable in height in order to determine the distance of the soil toss.

Liftonomic 300
The Liftonomic is characterised by the innovative folding mechanism. The mechanism guarantees that only a minimum amount of effort is needed when folding the outer elements. The frame is applicable to hoeing and ridging systems at a row distance of 50 and 75 centimetres.

Foldanomic 450, 600 and 900
The inventive hydraulic folding construction results in a total transport width of only 2.8 metres. The hinges are fitted with bearing adapters and grease nipples. The frame is applicable to hoeing and ridging systems at a row distance of 50 and 75 centimetres.

XHR-series parallel linkage
The recently developed HAK XHR-series parallel linkage is characterised by the slim design, which makes for easy manoeuvring through the crops, thus decreasing damage to the crops to an absolute minimum. The use of wide farmflex® wheels equally divides the pressure of the hoeing elements on the surface whilst keeping the tyres clean. The wheel can be fully adjusted in height and is supplied with graduation. When equipped and set, the wheel is free of aberration. The use of bearings in the hinges increases the hoeing precision. The use of bearings with oil seals results in a low-maintenance machine. The parallel linkage is fitted with just one spring to adjust the pressure, which can also be adjusted without the use of any tools. The compact element can be easily installed onto the frame on various row distances. The tool grip is fitted with a single bolt in order to quickly adjust the settings.

The parallel linkage can then be fitted with various hoeing and ridging systems. Examples of hoeing systems are a single hoe, three hoes, one front hoe or vibrating hoes. Examples of ridging systems are row cultivators with ridgers and vibrating teeth with ridgers. It is also possible to apply a combination of ridging and hoeing. Depending on the desired type, ridging tools, leaf protectors, ridgers and torsion weeders can be installed. All assembled hoeing systems are independently adjustable and fully adjustable in depth by means of adjusting the wheel. In both of the tool grips, handles with a maximum size of 50 by 25 millimetres can be installed. The third, added, tool grip can be used to install a cross beam of 30 by 30 millimetres for installing chisels, discs or other hoeing equipment.

Application: Ridges cultivation, cultivation beds, heavy to very heavy soils, larger surfaces.
Users: growers who cultivate 50-1000 ha., suitable for rigging and high speed application.
Row spacing: 45-75 cm. Crops: Chicory, carrots, potatoes, parsnip, salsify. Speed rate: 5-15 km / h *

* Speed rate depends on crop- and field conditions and user experience. Maximum speed of the machine + 50%