HAK SH-series

HAK SH-series hoeing machine
The HAK S-series hoeing machine is available in standard widths 1.75 – 3 – 4.5 and 6 meters wide, but on request available in other working widths. The frame consists of tubular bars 60 x 60 mm with a substantial wall thickness of high strength steel. These are connected to each other with tubes, which can be mounted on the frame at each distance. The hinges are adjustable to level the machine. By adding support wheels we create an extremely stable horizontal hoe. For front mounting, HAK provides a view fork above the crop row which makes row following easy. HAK provides various types of steering systems and steering discs for GPS.

HAK SH-series parallel linkage
The HAK SH-series parallel linkage is the S-series’ big brother. The SH’s linkage is supplied with a bigger wheel of 230 x 80 mm, a bigger stroke and therefore bigger ground clearance. It will provide more stability in heavier soil. The design of the precision parallel linkage is slim and can therefore be easily manoeuvred, decreasing weed damages to a minimum. HAK has developed a precision parallel linkage that has a slim design and can therefore be easily maneuvered. Wide farmflex® tyres divides the pressure of the hoeing elements equally across the soil while also keeping the wheels free from dirt.


The wheel depth can be changed manually. Very accurate hoeing is achieved because of the use of bearings which decrease the space in the elements to a bare minimum. The use of ball bearings with added dust seals results in a low-maintenance machine. Lubricating is unnecessary. The compact vertical guiding element can be easily installed onto the frame at any row distance without the use of tools. The parallel linkage can be accommodated with various hoeing combinations such as a single hoe, three hoes, one hoe and two half hoes or vibrating hoes. Depending on the desired end-product, the machine can be supplemented with ridging attachments, leaf protectors, row harrows and torsion weeders.

Application: flat field cultivation, cultivation beds, light to very heavy soils, larger surfaces.Users: growers who cultivate 50-1000 ha.
Row spacing: 25-75 cm.
Crops: onion, spinach, lettuce, pumpkin, beets, chicory, ornamental flowers, small trees.
Speed rate: 5-12 km / h *

( * Speed rate depends on crop- and field conditions and user experience. Maximum speed of the machine + 50%.)