Hoeing systems

The HAK XH-serie parallel linkage can be fitted with several hoeing systems; Een voorschoffel, een voorschoffels in combinatie met afploegschijven of een rugschoffel in combinatie met dubbele schijven.

Front hoes
When “HAK” invented the front hoe, a patent was obtained in 1927. The front hoes deliver the possibility to weed both the trench and the side of the ridge. The “HAK” front hoes are available in various editions as well as various sizes. The adjustable edition is supplied with a heavy sharpened end and is approximately 10 centimetres adjustable in width so the amount that needs to be weeded off of the ridge is reduced to a minimum.

Ploughing discs
The “HAK” ploughing discs are ideal for weeding the top of the surface. They can be attached to the duo parallel linkage or onto the frame.1) Depending on the ridge, two types of ploughing discs are available: RA50 and RA75. The RA50 has a steeper angle towards the ridge as opposed to the RA75.

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