Steering systems GPS
HAK offers the possibility of attaching GPS ready steering discs on your hoeing machine. Your GPS supplier will make the connection to the GPS system. When you already own a set of discs we can develop and produce a mounting-frame four your existing discs.

Steering discs WB100
By using steering discs during flat field cultivation, the machine becomes stabile and makes for accurate following of the row, even on sloping surfaces. Steering errors will therefore not directly influence the machine. Both the discs as well as the hinges are fitted with sealed bearings. The disc is adjustable and secured by use of a spring which pulls up the disc whenever rocks are present in the ground. Machines that are up to three metres wide can be fitted with one disc. When using wider machines or in the case of strong sloping, a second disc can be added to offer more stability.

Tools Ridging scraper
The HAK ridging scraper can be installed behind a ridger or ridging disc and loosens the soil in the trench during ridge cultivation. This will prevent the trench from drying out.

The HAK ridgers can be used to set up potato ridges and for weed control. The ridge blades can be easily adjusted in width by use of a single bolt. The ridges are supplied with an easily replaceable sharpened end. HAK supplies ridgers in six different types and editions.

Ridging discs
The HAK ridging discs have two main functions. Firstly, they are suitable for setting up potato and chicory ridges. Secondly, when using the ridging disc in a set-up with the front hoe, the combination is suitable for weed control. The soil that is weeded out by the front hoe will be tossed back onto the ridge by means of the spinning, weed terminating motion of the ridging disc. The distance of the soil toss can be determined by adjusting the plastic scraper, whilst also keeping the disc clean. The disc can be turned over in order to adjust the disc to the shape of the ridge.

Ploughing discs
The HAK ploughing discs are ideal for weeding the top of the surface. They can be attached to the duo parallel linkage or onto the frame. Depending on the ridge, two types of ploughing discs are available: row distance: 50 and row distance: 75. The row distance 50 has a steeper angle towards the ridge as opposed to the row distance 75. *Available for frames of 80 by 80 mm and 100 by 100 mm.

HAK Leaf protector shield row cultivation
The new leaf protector shields for row cultivation both protect the crops, as well as scraping the top of the row clean of dirt. Additionally, it is possible to return soil to the row and cover weeds. The height can be easily set by means of a chain and can be adjusted exactly by twisting an eye screw. The width can be adjusted from 55 to 150 millimetres. The shields are made of stainless steel and the hinges are free of aberration. HAK also supplies leaf heavers for pushing aside larger crops without damaging them during the process.

Row cultivator
The row cultivator offers the possibility to loosen the soil between the rows, therefore aerating the surface. This process encourages a steady and prospers growth of for example corn. It can also be used for obtaining loose soil in order to set up ridges. The width of the row cultivator can be adjusted to any setting and the teeth are replaceable. HAK supplies various editions for various cultivation methods and row distances.

Support wheels
When working with a wide machine, the use of support wheels can improve the stability of the machine, resulting in the frame remaining horizontal and the parallel linkages working efficiently. The support wheels can be installed with an available tool grip. The support wheels are available in two types.

Tool grips
Tool grips are necessary for attaching hoeing equipment with a maximum handle size of 60 by 25 millimetres to a hoeing frame of 100 by 100 millimetres. HAK also supplies standard sized tool grips used generally for self-built or self-edited products in sizes 30 by 10 millimetres, 50 by 12 millimetres and 50 by 20 millimetres.

You can order all desired tools online via our webshop www.HakParts.com