Hoeing systems

The HAK L-series parallel linkage can be fitted with several hoeing systems; a single hoe or vibrating hoes.


HAK has over 80 years of experience in the fabrication of hoeing equipment. The hoes are made from high-quality low wear steel with a sharp cutting edge of 60° and are fitted with a forged steel handle. HAK hoes prevent the forming of ridges and secures that the surface remains plain. The hoes are available and usually on stock in sizes (widths) from 8 to 67 centimetres with a handle of 30 by 10 millimetres. We can also supply other sizes of handles with short delivery. Although a single hoe is usually suitable for heavy surfaces, a formation with three hoes is advisable because three smaller hoes per row enter the ground more easily.


Vibrating hoes
The vibrating hoes comprise a socket with springing teeth which are fitted with a hoe blade. The blade is treated with tungsten in order to increase its life time. The vibrating hoe is very suitable for weeding heavy soil. When a vibrating hoe is experiencing resistance, the tooth will bend backwards whereby the tooth will point steeper toward the ground.