Ridging attachment
By using a HAK ridging attachment, weeding and ridging is performed in a single process.

The ridging attachment is attached to the hoe’s handle and can be adjusted in depth, as well as in width in order to successfully divide the soil without clogging up. HAK offers ridging attachments in various models and sizes.

Row harrow
The HAK row harrows breaks the soil open around the roots of crops after they have been cut by a HAK hoe, rapidly drying out the weed. Small germinating weed will also be reached, delaying the growth. It will also terminate weed on the ridge in an early stage of germination. The HAK row harrow is supplied with teeth that are adjustable in width and the pressure can be adjusted by means of a weight. The row harrow is supplied in various editions and attachments, depending on the application and the row distance.


Row harrow with torsion weed teeth HAK row harrows are also available with torsion weed teeth that are mainly used for light soil.

Various tools
HAK manufactures various other tools for tree nursery, such as ground transportation containers, cultivators, trolleys, etc.

You can order all desired tools online via our webshop www.HakParts.com