Hoeing systems

The HAK SH-series parallel linkages can be fitted with several hoeing systems; a single hoe, one hoe and one disc hoe, three hoes, one hoe and two half hoes or vibrating hoes.

HAK has over 80 years of experience in the fabrication of hoeing equipment. The hoes are made from high-quality low wear steel with a sharp cutting corner of 60° and are fitted with a forged steel handle. The HAK hoes prevent the forming of ridges and secure the surface to remain flat. The hoes are available and usually on stock in sizes (widths) from 8 to 67 centimetres with a handle of 30 by 10 millimetres. HAK also offers other handle sizes with a short delivery time. Although a single hoe is usually suitable for heavy surfaces, a formation with three hoes is advisable because three smaller hoes per row enter the ground more easily.

Hoe set
With the hoe set from the XH series you can attach 3 knives to 1 XH in parallel. This is particularly interesting with heavier soil types. An additional advantage is that you can adjust the width of the knives to the growth stage of your crop. When using mono knives, you can hoe or shovel.

Half hoe or side hoe
For accurate hoeing close to the crop row, the half hoe is advised. Because of the continuous cutting side, it prevents the ground from bursting open. The hoe is twistable and adjustable in width.


Mono hoe
The HAK mono hoe can be used for precise and accurate hoeing, close to the crops. The HAK mono hoe is used for accurate hoeing purposes close to the crops. The centre placed shaft allows the left hoe to be used on the right side and vice versa. This allows the farmer to hoe up or down the ridge.

Vibrating hoes
The vibrating hoes comprise a socket with springing teeth which are fitted with a hoe blade. The blade is treated with tungsten in order to make it low wear. The vibrating hoe is very suitable for weeding heavy soil. In case of a vibrating hoe experiencing resistance, the tooth will bend backwards resulting in a steeper angle of the hoe towards the ground.

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